Do you want to create a professional marketing video ad for your business but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you always thought it was too hard? That you’d need to know video editing and learn complicated software?

How to Make a Marketing Video Ad
How to Make a Marketing Video Ad

Then this step-by-step tutorial is for you. It shows a fast and simple way to create professional marketing video ads that drive results, without having to learn complicated editing software, nor paying thousands of dollars for private production.

In this guide, we will show you how most business owners build their online marketing video ads and how you can avoid spending thousands of dollars for a single marketing video, and instead pay a few hundred for tens of them.

We also help you avoid some mistakes that we did when we started out.

P.S. if you happen to be a Real Estate Agent, check out our article: How to Make a Professional Real Estate Marketing Video

If you get stuck using this guide (which we highly doubt), don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll help to sort this out. 

Ready to make your marketing video ads today? Let’s get started…

Before You Start, Read This:

What makes a good marketing video ad?

A good marketing video ad is effective if it makes sure to:

  • Resonate with the right audience
  • Tell a story
  • Answer a question / Educate the audience
  • Include a call to action
  • Be a part of a video funnel

Check out our dedicated article for more information on these 5 guidelines.

Plan your marketing video ad

Now that you understand better the components of a good marketing video ad, we can get straight to it.

Planning a marketing video ad basically means coming up with the following

  • A marketing video plan
  • Video/Photo
  • A CTA

What’s a marketing video plan?

Simply put, a marketing video plan is a list of the components in your video ad. It contains your business pitch, your product details and an idea of your wanted visuals.

Keep in mind, the total length of a video ad shouldn’t be over 30 seconds,

unless it’s an explainer or walk-through video, or any video that targets your existing customers or already-engaging audience.

Making a marketing video plan may sound like a big task, but really, it’s just about you figuring out what you want in your video ad. While keeping in mind the marketing video guidelines we described before, write down a breakdown list of your wanted video ad.

Here’s a marketing video plan of a fitness instructor video ad:

  • Top-quality video footage of gyms and workouts
  • Fast Music
  • A shot with the instructor talking to the camera (
  • Text with classes types
  • Max 30 seconds long

That’s it. Know what you want. Figure what’s good for marketing your business.

How to get video and photo assets for my video?

We’ll start with an interesting insight: most of all online marketing videos contain purchased reusable clips in them.

Yes, all the air shots, all the beautiful smiling face shots, and many others are all purchased from clip stocks instead of being produced each time from scratch.

Real Estate video templates page’s video templates

Sure, big brands produce their own video footage, but many SMBs and online companies use purchased video footage for ads they’re later promoting with money. It works especially well when you mix purchased clips with self-produced clips.

A fitness instructor creating a video ad for his business would purchase footage around fitness, workouts and studios/gyms, and in between them, add video footage of himself / his studio.

Where to look for video clips?

The decision where to buy the clips from also depended on your chosen way of assembling the video, more of that on the next step.

How to come up with a CTA?

The CTA is probably the most important component of your marketing video ad, without it, you’ll get significantly fewer results.

It should be on point and guide your ad viewers for the next step in your business funnel.

Here are some good examples of CTAs:

Book an Intro Call!

Call us Today!

Shop Now!

Download Now!

Start your free trial!

That’s it, you’re ready to move on.

By now you should have:

  • A marketing video plan
  • Video/Photo assets
  • A CTA

Choose a Video Making Method

Now that you already have an idea of what your marketing video ad is going to look like, it’s time to get it actually done.

The two best ways to make a marketing video ad are –

  • Use a marketing video maker
  • Use Toptal

DIY – What are Marketing Video Makers?

As mentioned before, there are a bunch of great online solutions for purchasing video clips and assembling them into a professional, customized, marketing video for your business.

They contain a huge library of video clips to choose from and a video editor that anyone can use, they couldn’t have made it easier:

You can choose the order and length of your video clips, add music, on-screen text and much more.'s video editor’s video editor

You can go ahead and try any of them for free, but in order to export the video you’ve created, you’re gonna have to buy a monthly subscription, that’s raging between $30 – $100 / month.

It’s important to note that you own full commercial rights for any video you export, and you can use it forever, regardless if you’re still paying for a monthly subscription or not.

Which Marketing Videos Makers are out there?

There are a few, for marketing videos we like, they seem to be the most “performance-oriented” out of the other solutions.

Their editor is super easy to use, and they have video templates & clips per industry type which is very cool!

If you’ll register to promo through this link, you’ll get a 30% discount for the monthly subscriptions.

We can also recommend , their video maker is great, and the video library is endless! You can literally get lost there.

Their online support is superb, and monthly subscriptions are cheaper than Promo’s.

Leading marketing video makers
Leading marketing video makers

Outsourcing – How to use Toptal for Video Marketing is the world’s leading freelance marketplace, known to have extremely high-quality freelancers in their platform,

they constantly check their freelancers, involved in the contracting processes, and endorse the “client is always right” methodology.

Opposed to other freelancer marketplaces where a wider range of freelancers and prices is available, but it’s more likely to get lower-quality results.

Toptal claims to have over 3500 professional videographers, adding their expertise to their existing videographers freelancer segment, sealing their position as the best freelance marketplace for videographers.

A marketing video creation gig rates between $20 – $400, and provide a great value for money, with the freelancer’s doing whatever they can to satisfy their clients, maintaining their ranks, and avoiding a penalty from Toptal.

How to Make a Marketing Video Ad 1’s homepage
What should I choose – a Video Maker or Toptal?

As we mentioned before, trying out online video makers is free, including browsing through millions of categorized video clips, therefore we recommend starting off with one of them.

Best case scenario you’ll create an amazing marketing video for your business, and go straight ahead on testing it.

Worse case (which is also great) you’ll end up with an outline video to show to a Toptal‘s videographer.

In either case, you’ll end up with a professional marketing video ad for your business, that looks like it’s been produced with a 5 figures budget, but actually costs, at most, just $200.

Publish your marketing video ad + measure results

Facebook Targeting
Facebook Targeting

You’ve read this guide, you’ve worked hard, and got yourself your first marketing video ad for your business. Congratulations!

It’s now time to publish it correctly.

You can publish your marketing video on your social profiles, and get organic traffic from your existing audience network, or you can step up your game, and use paid advertising to reach new potential customers.

We absolutely recommend trying paid advertising to promote your business,

especially if you’ve never tried it before. We’ve seen businesses that had an x2 growth in the first month they’ve tried out online paid advertising.

How? The profit the came from the advertising out-grew the cost of that advertising by a sufficient amount for their business model.

The example above is very simple but can be used for understanding the potential of any business trying out paid video advertising for the first time.

As a business owner, you should know how much you can afford paying for each new paying customer, or a relevant lead, and try to bit that number with online video advertising.

The two main channels of promoting marketing videos with paid advertising are Facebook ads & Youtube ads.

What’s the difference between Youtube Ads and Facebook ads?

Facebook ads VS Youtube ads
Facebook ads VS Youtube ads

The real difference between FB ads and YT ads is the user’s intent, and that’s a very important point every marketer should understand.

When a user scrolls through Facebook’s news feed and sees an ad, he can either engage with it or ignore it and continue browsing.

Most of the time he wouldn’t even notice it’s an ad or a “sponsored post”, and would just think it’s another random post showing up in his news feed.

On the other hand, when a user watches a youtube video, a specific one that he clicked and decided to watch, and then gets an ad, it’s less likely he’ll give up watching the youtube video to go to the ad’s website (or engage with it in any other way).

So why do brands keep advertise on Youtube ads?

With cost per view being cheaper at Youtube, big brands focus their branding efforts there and keep the Call to action ads on Facebook.

How to start running paid video ads?

For most small to medium businesses, we’d recommend starting with FB video advertising to get results.

FB is absolutely the most advanced advertising platform in terms of targeting.

There are many different targeting options to choose from, to get your marketing video in front of the correct eyes.

If your business goal is to get business leads of potential customers, you could use FB’s lead generation ad unit, that captures the potential lead’s contact details on FB, without the need for an external website.

How to measure a marketing video ad’s results?

In order to asses correctly how a marketing video ad performed, we must look at a few different metrics.

Each metric refers to a different scope and points at a different aspect of the video marketing campaign.

How to measure a marketing video ad’s results?
Online Marketing Funnel
Basic Video Marketing Metrics:
  • Impression – when a user watches up to 15 seconds (on Facebook) and 30 seconds (on Youtube) it is considered an “impressions”
  • View – when a user watches a video for more than 15 seconds (on Facebook) and 30 seconds (on Youtube) it is considered a “view”
  • Link Click – When a user clicks on the marketing video ad
  • Conversion – when a user performs an action after clicking the video (purchase, sign up. lead submit, etc.)
Advanced Video Marketing metrics:

1.View Rate

The ratio of “views” out of “impressions” that indicates the interest of the audience in viewing the marketing video

  • View Rate directly affects the cost of showing the ad to users, the higher the View Rate is the lower the cost of running the ad would be
  • Low view rate should be optimized by changing the first 15-30 seconds of the video


CPV stands for “cost per view” and basically represents the cost of running the ad in the form of money spent divided by the number of views generated

  • CPV is affected by the View Rate that the video generates and the competition for that same audience you’re targeting

3.Video CTR

CTR stands for “Click-Through Rate” and is “clicks” out of “impressions” (clicks/impressions)

  • The Video CTR is a key indicator of whether the video ad drives enough clicks needs improvement
  • The CTR can be improved by incentivizing the audience to perform an action after watching the video ad

4.Conversion Rate

CVR stands for “Conversion Rate” and is the amount “conversions” out of “clicks” (conversions/clicks)

  • CVR often could be called Lead Rate (when the goal is capturing leads) or Purchase Rate (when the goal is to purchase)
Where to check marketing video metrics

The metrics are available at Facebook ads Dashboard:

Dashboard > Columns > Video Engagement

Facebook Ads Video Engagement
Facebook Ads Video Engagement

Re-target previous viewers with a new Video ad (Video Funnel)

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, one of the most efficient technics in Video Marketing is to create a Video Funnel.

Marketing Video Funnel
Marketing Video Funnel

The Video funnel consists of a few different marketing videos, that are shown in a specific order to specific audiences.

Let’s break it down –

Awareness Videos are meant to be the first encounter of your brand with a potential customer.

Here are a few guidelines for Awareness stage marketing videos:
  • Introduce your brand by explaining its value
  • Be memorable by being funny, invoking emotions or just being super smart with your video ad copy
  • Educate the audience, ask a question, make them think about their problem, the same problem you can solve with your service/product
  • Be unique, stand out

Keep in mind, that the next time your audience encounters one of your videos they should remember watching your awareness video previously, and they will only if they got value out of it.

Lead Generation/action Videos are meant to convert your awareness video viewers into paying customers

Here are a few guidelines for Lead Generation/action marketing videos:
  • Make it easier for your audience to figure out they already know you (by keeping the design/music alike or referencing it smartly in your video’s copy
  • Give your audience an Incentive to perform an action (discount, free consultation, a trial period, etc)
  • Call for an action

How to re-target previous ad viewers with a new video?

  1. Create a FB custom audience
  2. Set your custom audience to include all viewers of a specific previous ad
  3. Target that audience with a new campaign

For more information on Facebook re-targeting please check out our dedicated article.

Congratulations – You’re Ready to Launch!

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To quickly summarise the steps you’ve learned:

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